General Admission is $5.00 and we accept cash, check, or credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discovery.)

(NOTE: Students, Military, Fire, and Police are free with current ID!)

Hands will be stamped on entry and you may show the stamp for re-entry if you need to leave for any reason.

Raffle tickets will be $5.00 per ticket. You must be present at the time of the drawing to win. Raffle items and donors are published on the Home Page.

Attendees may bring headsets or players to compare with exhibitor equipment. Much of the fun in a headphone event lies in listening to different equipment. That's how you can make your music listening more enjoyable!

We will have Industry Exhibitors who will to show you the latest in headphone listening equipment and answer your technical and how-to questions. They will be happy to help you enjoy your music more.

In addition to Industry Exhibitors, there will be a number of Headphone Enthusiasts showing their personal systems for your listening enjoyment. They are always a great source of information and love to share!

Music playback purchases are often compared to wine purchases. Generally, the higher the cost, the better the wine! But... like wine, there are products where cost is NOT a direct indicator of quality. It is your task to search out those products and make them yours!

The CanLanta 2016 Team

Saturday, May 21 2016