Saturday, May 21 2016


Welcome to the first CanLanta event. We are putting an infrastructure in place that will allow the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta (A-VCOA) to produce this event every May. We need your support this year to prove to the Industry, especially those who have chosen to "see if we make it"  or not, that this is for real.

Exhibitor setup will start at 8:00 AM and there is a back door directly outside the Ballroom. We will arrange with the hotel for you to use this for loading and unloading. We will provide a layout of the Ballroom and this access door.

Name Tags will be provided on entry and you may use them to leave the ballroom and return. We will need to know beforehand the names of your company's representatives. Email John Morrison at

with the Title "Request Tags" and a list of those names.

Both Industry and Enthusiast Exhibitors may set up at the same time. We will reserve tables for these two groups in separate areas of the ballroom... except for a few Enthusiasts who will be manning tables for Exhibitors not present. Those "not present" Industry Exhibitors will have paid for their tables.

Can't make it in person but want to have your company represented at the first CanLanta Event? Email or call John Morrison and find out how you can do that!

If you need to ship equipment to the hotel previous to your arrival, ship to:

(-Guest Name-)

Century Center Marriott

2000 Century Blvd NE

Atlanta, GA 30345

HOLD FOR: CanLanta - May 21 2016


To help you register for Sponsorship or just tables we have written an Instruction document which you can follow to, hopefully, make this a simple process. The document contains a clickable link to the payment process and it will walk you step-by-step through registering and paying for your tables. Please Click Here to go to the Instructions.

We certainly hope that this first CanLanta event will be a successful one for your companies and that you appreciate the access to headphone enthusiasts from the Southeastern region. There's lots of us here who have been waiting for the chance to see our favorite headphone related equipment in person.

Thanks for your participation!

NOTE: If you won't be able to be here to enjoy the fun and excitement there is still a way for you to get your name remembered! We will be holding a raffle and we'll be publishing the prizes and donors on the website and at the event. Donate a piece of equipment to the raffle and we'll make sure the attendees know who our donors are! Email Joe Saxon  at with the Title "Raffle Prize" to donate!

The CanLanta 2016 Team